That is why we take responsibility for people, animals and the environment.

Our sustainability concept.

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Sustainability Statement

“As a family-owned company, we have always focused on long-term considerations and goals. With a company history of almost 60 years, we are aware of our economic, social, ethical and ecological responsibility and set ourselves correspondingly high standards. As a member of the ZVEI, we have been committed to the Code of Conduct for many years. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better future. Since 2022, we have been certified as a climate-neutral company. For more than 10 years, we have been producing over 60% of our electricity needs with our solar plant.


With our products, we make a technical contribution to safe automation processes. For example, our WHG certified sensors prevent overfilling of tanks and detect possible leaks quickly and safely. This reliably protects our soil and water. With our Made in Germany products, we ensure that fair wages and sustainable resource management are guaranteed. Together for a safe and livable future.” Armin Kohler, CEO, Managing Partner of RECHNER Sensors

The Three Pillars of Sustainability

100 % climate neutral

We have been a climate-neutral company since 2022. In cooperation with Climate Partner, we have offset our CO2 footprint through two climate protection projects.

Code of Conduct

With our membership in ZVEI, we commit ourselves to the social responsibility to comply with the defined goals for the protection and respect of humans, animals and the environment.

99% female quota

We have 60,000 new industrious employees! Through two bee colonies we help to preserve our ecosystem.

“Every individual is responsible to a high degree for our beautiful planet and our environment. But especially we as a company. We at RECHNER have always been aware of this responsibility and do everything we can to preserve our planet Earth for future generations.” Jochen Rechner, COO, Managing Partner of RECHNER

The future is


Our vehicle fleet is predominantly powered by electricity as renewable energy, which we generate ourselves through our company-owned photovoitaikan plants. Thus, we can make customer visits in the future CO2-neutral.

We save our


Since 2021, the wildflower meadows created on the company's premises have been colonized by two bee colonies. Bees are crucial for almost all ecosystems on our planet. Without bees, our flora and fauna would cease to function. They pollinate crops as well as flowers and ensure that our plants bear fruit such as fruits and vegetables, which in turn are eaten by us. In addition, the approximately 60,000 busy bees provide us with fresh wildflower honey and wax every year.

We use


We use green electricity for the production of our sensors. With our photovoltaic systems, we have been producing more than 60% of our own electricity for over a decade. In addition, we have converted parts of our heating systems to air-heat pumps and in the future all fossil heating systems will be converted to ecologically sustainable systems.