Rechner Sensors – Half a Century

Since the company was founded in 1965, we have achieved a leading global position in the market with commitment, product innovations and the best quality. This is especially true for our specialty, the capacitive sensors.

The name RECHNER is often used as a synonym for capacitive sensors. The reason for this is our significant contribution to the development and design of the capacitive sensors. A versatile product that has become indispensable in today’s automation technology and whose development is closely linked to our company.

We take Responsibility


“As a technology leader, we shape the automation of tomorrow with inventive talent and the highest quality standards - for a world that will be more durable, safer and more intelligent.”

We Care


“We live on the basis of values of a global family business, customer proximity through partnership-based cooperation and convince with our technical and development competence in our special field of capacitive sensor technology. In this way, we make a contribution to the success of our customers, to the advancement of our employees and to the well-being of our society.”

Social Responsibility


We are committed to complying with the goals of the Code of Conduct to protect and respect people, animals and the environment.

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Foundation of company Rechner

The Beginnings
(1965 – 1971)

The roots of our company started in 1965 with the foundation of H&W Rechner GmbH – Specialized in the production of transformers, transformers, relays and ship controls.

  • 1965: On June 1, the brothers Hubert and Werner Rechner found H+W Rechner Gbr. in Mannheim, Germany
  • 1968: Market launch of the first capacitive proximity switch
  • 1968: Change of company name to Rechner Industrie Elektronik GmbH
Headquarters in Lampertheim, Südhessen

Company Growth
(1972 – 1989)

Both the movement to today’s headquarters in Lampertheim and the entry of Jürgen Kohler as the third managing director lead to the development and production of capacitive sensors, where we are today’s experts. For our company, export business becomes an important source of revenue while the first foreign companies are gradually established.

  • 1972: Move to the present headquarters in Lampertheim
  • 1974: Jürgen Kohler completes the trio of managing partners
  • 1975: First capacitive sensor for flush mounting
  • 1977: The first explosion protection sensors are launched on the market
  • 1978: Foundation of the first foreign computer sales office in the United States (USA) = Rechner Electronics Inc.
  • 1981: First capacitive sensor for dust explosion area StEx, today zone 20
  • 1981: We are growing! New building for administration and development
  • 1987: Capacitive MINI sensors from 4mm diameter onwards
  • 1989: Market launch of capacitive sensors with analog output (4-20 mA)
  • 1989: Construction of laboratory 1 and 2 – A whole department is created from a “1-room development”.
Family business

Generation change and Globalisation
(1990 – 2005)

With the year of reunification, we have continued to grow as a family business. With the sons of the trio shareholders, the family business remains in the Rechner and Kohler family and is continued by Achim Rechner (CFO), Jochen Rechner (COO) and Dr. Armin Kohler (CEO).

  • 1990: Implementation of ID code traceability – 100 % traceability of each sensor
  • 1990: Foundation of Rechner Korea
  • 1994: Ex barrier with analog output
  • 1996: Certification according to DIN ISO 9001. Within the scope of quality management, we, Rechner Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, strive for continuous improvement of our processes and products. By annual auditing we guarantee the fulfillment of customer requirements as well as the fulfillment of normative and legal requirements of our products.
  • 2000: Laser marking
  • 2000: Foundation of Rechner UK – another Rechner sales office in Great Britain
  • 2000: Founding of Rechner France
  • 2001: Capacitive Extreme Sensors with very large switching distances and for ambient temperatures up to +250°C
  • 2002: Capacitive level sensor with integrated electronics and EX approval
  • 2003: Series 26 = Capacitive sensors with hemispherical active area. Detection of difficult media. Insensitive to material buildup
  • 2004: Introduction of the High Performance Sensors for challenging applications.
Sustainable family business

Sustainable thinking
(2006 – today)

The future belongs to sustainable thinking and action. As a family business, sustainable thinking is in our blood. We build our success on the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength of our top-class specialist staff. A clear strength of Rechner Sensors is our commitment to value-oriented action.

  • 2005: Implementation of Norm-Line sensors for standard applications
  • 2008: Implementation of Serie KAS-95 – Integrated relay output in the sensor
  • 2009: Foundation of the sales office in Canada Rechner Automation Inc.
  • 2010: Foundation of the sales office in China Suzhou Rechner Sensors Co. Ltd.
  • 2010: Implementation of the Easy Teach function
  • 2012: Foundation of Rechner Italia
  • 2012: Installation of own photovoltaic systems on the company roofs – 60 % of the annual electricity requirement consists of own solar electricity
  • 2012: new device series: EasyMount and LevelMaster, NAMUR sensors certified for zone 0
  • 2012: Conversion of the production building as well as new construction or expansion of the production facility
  • 2013: Intelligent capacitive level probe for limit values and continuous measurement
  • 2014: Smart Paddle Sensors and Sensors of series 26 with EHEDG (Food)
  • 2016: BlueSense series 26 with integrated Bluetooth function for wireless data transmission
  • 2017: WHG certification for leakage and overfill sensors according to the Water Resources Protection Act
  • 2018: Expansion of storage capacities through extension of the warehouse
  • 2019: Extension of the LevelMaster series portfolio, IO-Link sensors, sensors with 2 programmable switching points “P3”.
  • 2020: Funktionale Sicherheit – erste Geräte mit SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level)
  • 2021: More sensors certified for WHG