IO-Link Technology
IO-Link is the first globally standardised IO-technology (IEC 61131-9) to communicate with sensors and actuators. Its powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long-known 3-conductor connection without additional requirements regarding the cable material. IO-Link is thus not a field bus, but rather the evolutionary further development of the previous, proven connection technology for sensors and actuators.

Additional information on the subject of the IO-Link can be found on the website of the IO-Link Community.

Each IO-Link device has an IODD (IO Device Description). This is a device description file containing information about the manufacturer, article number, functionality etc. This information can be easily read and processed by the user. Every device can be uniquely identified both via the IODD and via an internal device ID.

The IODD files (ZIP) for your device with an IO-Link can be found free of charge in the central multi-vendor database IODDfinder and the respective IOD description can be downloaded here.

Device ID Series  IOD description (PDF)
0001  KAS-80-26 Download
0002 KAS-801-26 Download