3 Chefs Kohler Rechner Geschäftsleitung Rechner Sensors die würde des Menschen ist unantastbar

Our Values

Code of Conduct

Rechner Sensors is a member of the ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. = Central Association of the Elecronics Industry). The ZVEI has drawn up its own Code of Conduct governing corporate social responsibility. The ZVEI Code of Conduct takes internationally established benchmarks as its reference, and covers all relevant subjects. We have signed this Code of Conduct. That means we have adopted this Code of Conduct in order to protect and respect human beings, animals and the environment.

The ZVEI Code of Conduct is the orientation frame for all the staff members of our company. We all are aware of the compliance to these ethical requirements and its demands from all of our employees to accept responsibility and to identify themselves with these targets and to act accordingly.

Recognition of the ZVEI Code of Conduct




Human dignity is inviolable
CEO, Dr. Armin Kohler

Relationships are based on honesty, trust and clear agreements. All people are treated equally. Our employees are supported and promoted. The work processes are optimized and adapted. Required resources will be provided.
Social action and social responsibility towards people, animals and the environment are values ​​that have long been goals in our company.

Self-declaration after ISO 26000



17 sustainability goals according to the UN

The goals take into account all three dimensions of sustainability – Social, environmental, economicequally and apply to all countries in the world!

Climate change, poverty and hunger, flight and migration are issues that concern us all. We decide whether we buy products like jeans, chocolate or mobile phones that people have produced under dignified and fair conditions. We decide how much energy we use. We decide how we use the resources and treasures of nature. Our lifestyle and the way we do business have direct consequences – for us, for others and for future generations.

Essentially, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals include:

  • End poverty and hunger and fight inequalities

  • Strengthen people’s self-determination, ensure gender equality and a good and healthy life for everyone

  • Promote prosperity for all and shape sustainable lifestyles worldwide

  • Respect the earth’s ecological limits: fight climate change, preserve natural resources and use them sustainably

  • Protect human rights – ensure peace, good governance and access to justice

  • Build a global partnership