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3D Print Additive Manufacturing

Generally also described as 3D-printing – changes the production processes. It makes it possible to rapidly create prototypes … 
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Capacitive sensor: presence checks and distance measurements in very small areas

A capacitive sensor is ideally suited to carry out presence checks and distance measurements in very small areas. The values can be … read more

Inductive sensor: contactless detection of metal objects approaching each other

An inductive sensor is used to determine the distance to a metal object. If the distance drops below a certain value (the so-called switch distance S), then … read more

The filling level sensor

Filling level sensors are used for filling level measurement. They are used in particular for the continuous filling level measurement of liquids and … read more

Magnetoresistive sensors: for particularly precise measurements

Magnetoresistive sensors can carry out particularly precise measurements. It utilises an effect that has been known since the 19th century – though … read more

The isolating switch amplifier

An isolating switch amplifier or isolating amplifier prevents electrical conduction between two circuits that are still supposed to exchange power … read more

Capacitive filling level measurement – this is what you need to know!

In the industrial sector, the use of process chains makes it necessary to subject liquids and other media to continuous filling level measurement. Different physical … read more

Wissen – Knowledge RECHNER

Dielektrizitätskonstante  – Dielectric Constant εr

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