Sensors for Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Our sensors are certified for direct contact with food and pharmaceutical products and meet the highest hygiene and quality standards. They offer safety, sterility and precision for the entire spectrum of media – whether powders, granulates, liquids or paste media.


Hygiene, speed and flexibility


fill level, limit level and leakage

  • FDA
  • EG 1935/2004
  • CIP

Hygenic Design

for safe processes and easy cleaning

Sensors with FDA and EHEDG certification, specially developed for the high hygienic quality requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries, offer process reliability and reproducibility. They are optimised for CIP cleaning and the materials used meet the requirements of EC1935/2004 with regard to traceability and inertness. Precise detection in processes up to 250°C and ATEX-certified variants for zones 20 and 0. Our sensors are available with all common process adapters.

Explosion protection (ATEX) and EHEDG certified sensors

Hygienic and hazardous area sensors

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Easy mounting and quick detection of liquids

Leakage sensors

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Analogue level measurement with explosion protection (ATEX) and EHEDG certified sensors

Level sensors

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Precise detection of metallic objects + Explosion protection certification


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Hygienic connectors


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Individual and Personal Service

Every application is different and has its own special challenges. What is the best sensor for your needs? Let’s discuss in a personal conversation. Just give us a call! We will be happy to advise you on the choice of device.

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