Information for our business partners: we work together – with distance

Exceptional challenges require exceptional solutions: even though we have neither a suspected case or an employee infected by COVID-19, we have already started with a strict action plan. This plan was put into effect weeks ago. This action plan was put into place to secure the health of our employees and to protect them. The secondary goal was to maintain the functionality of our company.

The highest priority is for us to ensure the well-being, health, and safety of our employees, colleagues, customers, and suppliers!

The main points of our plan include:

  • Hygiene requirements that must be strictly observed.
  • All unnecessary visits with customers on sight and abroad are prohibited. We do not receive any visits at the company that are not absolutely necessary and only after prior agreement
  • Wherever possible, activities are carried out externally in home offices
  • We have formed teams that work separately, both in terms of time and space. Physical contact between the teams is strictly prohibited
  • Within the company, attention is paid to spatial separation and physical distances must be strictly observed
  • All teams are trained to observe their own personal responsibility to protect everyone in the short term, and support us in the long term that we can all return to normal as soon as possible


We will work hard so that we can continue to ensure ongoing business and production – for as long as the situation permits.

Let us hope that the situation quickly normalizes again and that we can all meet again soon without any worries.

Thank you for your trust – stay healthy


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