Whitworth BSP + BSPT pipe threads from RECHNER set new sensor standard

RECHNER Sensors has a wide range of sensors with Whitworth pipe threads as per ISO 228-1, the standardized thread system named after the English engineer Sir Joseph Whitworth, which are widely used worldwide. Rechner now offers a broad range of sensors for these applications.

We distinguish between G-thread and R-thread as follows:

G = Whitworth Pipe Thread (BSP – British Standard Pipe)

R = Whitworth Pipe Thread (BSPT – British Standard Pipe Taper)

Thread Standard Description
G Cylindrical shape, EN ISO 228-1


Parallel internal and external threads.

Cylindrical – metallic non sealing.

R Conical shape,  EN 10226-1


Tapered external thread for sealing connections.

Conical – metallic sealing.

Rp EN 10226-1 Parallel internal thread for thread sealing connections.


Rc EN 10226-2 Conical internal thread for thread sealing connections.

Not in common use.


The combination of G and R threads is possible, but only with the external tapered R threads into an internal G thread.

Our customers, who prefer Whitworth threads, mostly use the G thread format.

Whether a sensor has a metric or an inch thread it is easy to spot it with our type designation e.g. G1, R3/8, M30 which makes selection and identification easy.

The variants available with inch thread options now cover our entire product range. There are also sensors with hygienic design, which mount and seal into available welding sockets, plus there are ATEX-certified models for Zone 20 or Zone 0 as well.

The industries in which these sensors are used are also extremely diverse, from the food, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries to mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, to name but a few examples.

If you do not find the thread size which you are looking for, in the product selector on our website, then please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for it.

It is important to us, that you are completely satisfied with Rechner sensors, in every sense. Our consistent top quality and highest functionality delivers reliable fit and forget sensor solutions for all your processes.

Rechner are always happy to help you.