Rechner’s level probes just got very smart!

Do you use level probes for tank or hopper fill height control? Imagine if you could fit a probe, connect it, push one button, just once, and the whole set-up was done?

And what if the level feedback was then the same for all media?
In addition, what if the evaluation amplifier was not separate, but included as well? Too good to be true? Well not any more now that Rechner’s high performance KFX TrueLevel probes have been released.

These new Rechner probes do include all of the integrated evaluation electronics within the high sealed probe G1“ mounted connection head. Furthermore, using Rechner’s patented three electrode concept, each probe has a reference area which compensates for the dielectric constant of any media (even as low as ≥ Ɛr 1.2) so there is just one setting required to commission any new probe.
If preferred, there is also an EasyTeach by Wire (ETW) facility, for remote set-up and control of the installed probe.

Its just too simple!

Another benefit is that the new KFX TrueLevel devices are set-up with an empty container which provides a linear analogue output signal over the whole fill range, of any media, in either 4-20mA or 0-10 V DC depending on the model selected.

Probe materials available are PTFE, PEEK or GFK which include of course high standard Food+Bev plus Pharma certified alternatives as required. With probe lengths of up to 2m most production applications can be easily catered for.


The Rechner TrueLevel KFX probes are ideal for multiple production areas where different media are processed through one machine as no set-up adjustments are required between batch changes.

All of these TrueLevel analogue probes also include a low level switched output within the reference area near to the probe tip. This provides a valuable and often essential low level alert for any tank or hopper control system.

For your next fill height control application, especially for multi-media process systems, please do fit and benefit from Rechner’s new KFX TrueLevel probes.


  • Proven Rechner expertise in level probe technology
  • Simple installation + one single easy probe set-up
  • Empty tank, hopper or vessel adjustment
  • All evaluation electronics, fully integrated and sealed into the mounting head
  • Automatic media compensation (≥ Ɛr 1.2)
  • Rechner High Performance reliability and level detection accuracy
  • Stable 4-20mA or 0-10V DC analogue output for direct system integration
  • Wide 18-36V DC supply voltage + standard M12 international connection
  • Certified FDA + Pharma probe materials
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life
  • Large range of process fittings and mountings are available