Rechner is right on top of leaks!

Power up Rechner’s new leak sensor, put it in place, walk away and it’s done!

Leaks can be costly, dangerous for staff as well as the environment, plus cause production stoppages!


The latest ‘Mount & Go’ leak detection sensor from Rechner literally does everything! This state-of-the-art flush mountable capacitive sensor can be placed onto any surface, such as a drip-tray, and as it is positioned it detects the transition (flashes red), auto-adjusts and auto-sets itself (flashes green) after which it is then ready to detect any tiny leak below it.

Leaks can be critical for many reasons so if a machine, pump, system or process are liable to leak the earliest warning is vital! The loss of high value chemicals in a production process can be very costly and even stop production completely. Once leaked, the evaporation of chemicals into the workplace, can be damaging to your staff’s health through breathing in toxic vapours. Leaks in the workplace also create dangerous slip hazards which can lead to injuries. Undetected leakages also endanger our environment if not quickly detected and safely contained. Any failure to do so can result in chemical pollution and contamination of surface plus ground water courses.

These new dynamic leak sensors are high sealed, chemical resistant and made for applications in the Food + Bev, Pharmaceutical, Microchip + Semiconductor, Chemical and Printing industries to provide immediate alert to the smallest of leaks.

Materials used in the sensors construction conform to industrial standards for these types of industry applications.


Do you need smart protection for high value or potentially dangerous liquids on a production process? Contact Rechner to try out this excellent new leak detection solution


  • Proven Rechner expertise in capacitive sensor technology for High Performance reliability
  • Total installation simplicity – Mount & Go!
  • Earliest alert to any process leakage
  • Prevents Health and Safety issues in the workplace
  • Reduces costly production stoppages and the loss of high value liquids
  • All evaluation electronics, fully integrated and sealed into the mounting head
  • IP67 high sealed and compact flush format sensor
  • Screened and sealed cable connection for interferance immunity
  • Wide 10-35V DC supply voltage + Normally Open and Normally Closed output
  • Broad -25°C up to +70°C operational temperature
  • Certified FDA + Pharmaceutical body materials
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life