KAS-80-26/105-A-G1/2-PEEK-Z05-ETW-HP-3G-3D, ATEX

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Whitworth G
1/2-inch cap. Sensor (1/2 half inch 1/2″) screw
G = Whitworth Pipe Thread (BSP – British Standard Pipe)

Capacitive Sensors – S26
Series 80 – PNP
Process connection: G 1/2“
• Housing material: PEEK
• Easy Teach by wire
• EHEDG conform
• Special version with flange. Sealing can be made with a gasket or PTFE-tape (not supplied with the sensor)

This capacitive level sensor is EHEDG conform. It is ideal for the level control of liquids, pastes, powders and other bulk materials.
This sensor has no moving parts and is not subject to wear or tear and thus there is no down time due to false detections caused by material build-up.

II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc X II 3D Ex mc IIIC T101°C Dc IP67 X

Additional information

Thread / Process connection
Housing material active surface

PEEK (FDA 21 CFR 177.2415)

Housing material
Housing material lid
Electrical version

4-Leiter DC

Operating current (Ie)
Voltage drop max. (Ud)
Permitted residual ripple max.
Noload current (Io)
Frequency of operating cycles max.
Protective circuit

Eingebaut, Eingebaut


EN 60947-5-2, EN 60947-5-2

Media optimized
Quattro Protect
Sensing dinstance Sn
Operating distance min. / max. adjustable
Operating voltage
Permitted ambient temperature min.

-25 °C

Zulässige Umgebungstemperatur max.

+70 °C

Output function
Output signal
Cable length

2 m, 2 m


PVC-Kabel, 5 x 0,34 mm²





ATEX product marking dust
ATEX product marking gas
Certified Zones ATEX
WHG certification

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