Rechner’s Smart G1/2″ LevelMaster – Food & Pharmaceutical Solution for Low Dielectric Media!

The Complete LevelMaster Solution!

A total state of the art sensor solution from Rechner with options for sticky, conductive and now wet or dry with high or low dielectric detection and all in one ideal G½” housing format!

The latest LevelMaster sensor options from Rechner, with the G½” thread, a key widely used format for level control, right across the pharmaceutical and food industries, can now be applied on even the most diverse production and processing applications.

The original LevelMaster concept, which set new standards for the reliable level detection of sticky or highly conductive media in these industries, has now been complimented by a low dielectric version for dry and powdered products! These new devices also feature Rechner’s ATEX All-In-One direct PNP connection thus eliminating a costly interface barrier typically needed in such installations.

The dielectric constant, DK or Ɛr, is the permittivity of any product detected which is the decisive parameter being measured by capacitive sensors. The higher the dielectric constant of the material, the easier it is to detect. Rechner’s latest LevelMaster sensor versions can now even detect products with an incredibly low dielectric of Ɛr 1.1 which is outstanding!

Some typical examples of the DK values of common media from pharmaceutical and food industries are shown here.

One sensor cannot cover all applications and so Rechner have smartly developed two highly reliable complimenting solutions. One uses high frequencies for the higher DK applications plus a second, low frequency option, for very low DK media detection.

So, the LevelMaster-KS-801 series offers the optimum level control of conductive and/or sticky products with high a DK, such as fruit purées, syrup, brown and red sauce, vinegar-based preparations like marinades plus conductive egg-based products such as batter and mayonnaise. These sensors are also excellent for all dairy applications including yogurt level control!

For bulk materials with a lower DK, such as sugar, coffee, flour or maize meal, RECHNER now has the highest reliability solution with the new LevelMaster-KAS-80 All-In-One ATEX certified sensors.

LevelMaster products are always set with a ‘Full’ configuration. A media optimisation facility then enables the LevelMaster sensors to ignore any product build-up which has stuck onto the sensor. In addition, a wide range of media can be detected with just one setting.

Set-up could not be easier. Once installed, and electrically connected, sensor adjustment is done by means of an Easy Teach by Wire (ETW) facility. No PC or additional programming interface devices are required to teach or adjust the LevelMaster. This makes set-up straight forward, avoids errors and is so simple, whether at the sensor or from the control panel.

The LevelMaster sensing tip, which is in contact with the Food or Pharma product, is an FDA-approved material plus it has traceability to EC 1935/2004. All materials have a high chemical resistance and the surface quality is also in accordance with the needs of these industries, e.g. roughness depth < 0.8 µm which guarantees excellent cleanability for CIP and SIP regimes.

As standard, each LevelMaster sensors includes the Rechner Quatro-Protect facility, which has the highest protection against electrical noise, spikes and transients delivering the best safeguard available from all interference.

G½” welding adapters, as well as other process connections, such as Tri-Clamp or Varivent adaptors are available for easy installation.


  • State of the art solution with options for high or low dielectric media
  • Reliable LevelMaster-KAS-80 detection of low dielectric powders or products
  • ATEX certified All-In-One sensor format for Dust Zone 20 and Gas Zone 1 installations
  • LevelMaster-KS-801 level detection of wet sticky and/or conductive preparations
  • Easy and reliable set-up for fit and forget installations
  • Approved housing materials for Food + Pharmaceutical as well as most other industries
  • IP69K high sealed body for aggressive wash-down applications.
  • Quattro-Protect for the highest immunity against electrical interference
  • Media optimised to sense similar products with one setting
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life
  • LevelMaster sensors can be mounted in any orientation

A large range of process fittings are available including Tri-Clamp and other formats.