Capacitive Level Probe NEW Rope probe

Evaluation Electronics integrated!

Now with steel rope electrode and weigth

For dry bulk materials and non-conductive liquids with low dielectric constant (e.g. oil)
The i-Level Probe with integrated evaluation electronics for analogue measurement with 2 additional switching points is well known and accepted.

The advantages for you are:
• Analogue current output of 4…20 mA
• Sensitivity adjustment is made by EasyTeach function (ET = EasyTeach by Wire and EasyTeach by Magnet)
• Teach-Magnet supplied with the probe
• Reliable level control
• Probe length can be defined when ordering
• Metal rod up to 2000 mm / steel rope up to 20 m
• Process connection G1“
• High permitted ambient temperature (TP20 = 160°C and TP50 = 200°C)