3D Additive Manufacturing is Taking Off Near You!

Rechner’s high performance analogue capacitive sensors offer essential critical control of Additive Manufacturing media of all types.

The expansion of the 3D Additive Manufacturing business is exponentially increasing as production costs fall and advances in technology make mass production feasible. While growth rate in this industry already estimated at 12.5% per annum it is accelerating in this multi-billion-pound global market of which Rechner Sensor are a leading sensor supplier.

High reliability, accurate, analogue and switched sensors are essential for the precise handling control of the printing media whether that be a powder, liquid or a paste. The range of powders can be as diverse as metallic, metal alloys, plastics (ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, PP, PEK), ceramics and even sand. Level detection of liquids and pastes for 3D Additive Manufacturing is also a Rechner speciality including UV sensitive plastics, epoxy resins and synthetic polymers within tanks and vessels for complete delivery management during the object generation process.

Many wet media are conductive materials as well as sticky liquids which coat the sensors. These coatings provide no issue for Rechner devices with their media optimisation facility. Because the print media used in 3D Additive Manufacture are often so expensive the maximum re-cycle of any and all un-used print media is essential. This is another area in this rapidly developing market which Rechner supply level control sensors for.

Some print media, especially powder formats, can create explosive environments when being handled. Rechner specialise in ATEX sensors for such applications and have the largest range of ATEX certified sensors obtainable on the market today. Analogue sensors for 3D Printing are available from sizes as small as an M12 all the way up to M32 housings plus G1/2” and G1” formats, these analogue sensors are ideal for control inside vessels and containers.

Please rely on the expertise and wide range of product options from Rechner Sensors for all of you sensor control on 3D Aditive Manufactring applications.



  • Proven Rechner expertise in sensors for all types of 3D Additive Manufacturing
  • Rechner High Performance reliability and level detection accuracy
  • Stable 4-20mA analogue output for direct system integration
  • Bespoke sensor designs possible for specific customer requirements
  • Rechner sensors are easy to set-up for fit and forget installations
  • Very small M12 analogue formats are available from Rechner
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life
  • Large range of process fittings and mountings are available