2 in 1 Sensor Solution!

Another state-of-the-art sensor format has been designed and developed by Rechner, through customer partnerships, providing unique new optimum process control solutions!

Often, in production processes, and especially in Food + Pharmaceutical set-ups, the addition of one ingredient to another can develop into a significant change in the resultant detected dielectric of the final mixture.

A capacitive sensor set for the first ingredient may not completely reliably detect the final combination if high and low dielectric media are included. Where this is the case a second sensor might be required to verify the blend fill level inside a vessel.

Rechner’s latest Two-In-One 26 Series multi-functional sensor is the solution for these types of installation, providing two sensors for the price of one!

This excellent new Rechner device (KA1641), which is based on the successful High Performance 26 Series range, has a configurable multi-functional twin switched output. The sensor can be set for two different dielectric media to deliver dual accurate process level control feedback for each product without the need to reset the sensor.

Please note that Rechner’s latest Two-In-One 26 Series sensors can detect incredibly low dielectric products of Ɛr 1.1 which is outstanding!

The Two-In-One sensors from Rechner have further multi-functionality as they can have the two switched outputs configured to an Antivalent format with Normally Open (N/O) plus Normally Closed (N/C) arrangement. Alternatively, they can be set for two N/O outputs with independent switch points or two separate N/C outputs. The flexible set-up capability with these new devices gives complete control freedom with a single level sensor.

The Two-In-One range sensors are available in a Food + Pharma certified PTFE body (FDA 21 CFR 177.1550) with excellent proven chemical resistance for CIP regimes.

As standard, each Two-In-One sensor, includes the Rechner Quatro-Protect facility, which has the highest protection against electrical noise, spikes and transients delivering the best safeguard available from all interference.



  • State of the art solution with dual sensing of disparate media with just one single device
  • 26 Series detection of high and low dielectric media as incredibly low as Ɛr 1.1
  • Easy and reliable set-up for fit and forget installations
  • Approved housing materials for Food + Pharmaceutical as well as most other industries
  • IP67 sealed bodies for aggressive wash-down applications
  • High 121°C temperature CIP and SIP wash-down capability with 26 series model
  • Quattro-Protect for the highest immunity against electrical interference
  • Media optimised to sense similar products with one setting
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life